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Affordable, Convenient Care
For You and Your Family

Introducing an affordable and easy-to-use discount membership plan designed around helping you and your family take care of all your health needs. No more confusing fine print, no more expensive deductibles to meet, and no more headaches when trying to decide if you can afford desired treatments.



Make a plan for your health


Hassle Free Membership Plans

At Velicus, our priority is you. With all the benefits of a typical insurance plan, without all the negatives, what’s not to love?

  • Regularly Scheduled Care

    Receive the yearly preventative care you need.

  • Big Treatment Discounts

    Discounts up to 25% on all the care you need.

  • No Maximum Coverage Amounts

    Receive discounts on all the treatment you need, with NO limits!

  • No Waiting Periods

    Need treatment right away? No problem! As soon as you become a Velicus member you begin receiving the plan benefits.

Quality, Standard, Provider
Velicus prides itself in presenting our members with discounted access to unrivaled treatment from the top providers in the area. We only work with the best providers available, ensuring that our members can trust and depend on the level of care they receive through their Velicus Membership.


Taking the Next Step

Velicus is here to benefit you. Do you have more questions, or need more information before signing up? Get a hold of our passionate team and let us help you decide if Velicus is a good fit for your needs.


For Your Dental Health

Many people tend to wait until something is bothering them or they are in pain before they
consider visiting their family dentist. But by waiting for something to start hurting, you are allowing small issues to become major problems. With dentistry, regular, consistent checkups and cleanings are important for not only maintaining your dental health but also for saving you money by avoiding more serious issues. It is crucial to have a plan for how you and your family will pay for necessary dental cleanings and procedures.

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Velicus Dental Provider

Velicus is excited to offer its members access to unrivaled dental care provided through Apex Dental. Apex is a leader in quality and convenient dentistry with numerous locations across Utah. Their three-time Best of State winning team excels in providing patients with an exceptional experience across all procedures.

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